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Originally posted by Jim23
I was expecting to find a good discussion comparing Aikido to Hapkido, the pros and cons, etc. The entire thread was a "heated debate" as to whether Yong Sul Choi really studied with Sokaku Takeda.

Maybe I should delete this thread before Ubaldo sees it.

Yes, not much was there regarding technique, mostly about legacy and history. But that's a place to start isn't it? I certainly learned a whole bunch of stuff I didn't know before I read that thread.

I would also like to know more regarding the technical links between Aikido and Hapkido, but I am pessimistic about finding quality stuff on the Web. Personally, I'd start with that book you were looking at and go take classes if I wanted to know more.

I will take a look at that site you referred to, though, can't hurt and might help.

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