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Re: techniquies in street fights

Matt Molloy wrote:
I was referring to Kendoka slowing down so much that someone like yourself would be able to take a bokken off them.

As a Kendoka and Aikidoka, I'm more than aware that you're talking rubbish on this.

The more you post, the more ignorant you seem.

I pray that your sensei never reads half of this stuff. They would probably be very embarrassed for you.

Not to mention that they probably wouldn't be too impressed with you calling the art that they train you in "pants"

You have a lot to learn, as you're probably very young, you have a lot of time.

Good luck.


Ah so it's me personally that can't do it? Well it's been done. Besides you're making (bold) assumptions over who I am and how capable I am and how much of my life I've been training in one thing or another. Not to mention how much real world experience I might have.

Sensei is well aware of my opinions actually, some of them he shares and some of them he's taught me. If I say something it's because I've seen it or done it or been told by someone older and wiser than me.
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