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Re: techniquies in street fights

Richard Player wrote:
however don't hand around for the police. All they will see is a person on the floor who will start howling in pain and the police will instantly arrest you and charge you with assault. Gotta love English law- when the perpetrator can legally act against the victim...
Don't write off the law that quickly, if you believe your life to be in danger then you are free to do just about anything to preserve life. Just don't go overboard! A police officer finding you jumping up and down on a bloody corpse may think you're taking the mick somewhat, just use enough to end the situation. But it looks better to have acted and be able to explain your actions, than to find a screaming guy on the floor (who WILL tell them anything) and you legging it round the corner, you'd be up on suspicion of GBH in no-time...

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Aikido = pants, utter pants. Appart from two things it teaches.
You actually belive this? If you trained for a little longer then maybe you would actually see the practical applications of aikido technique. Aikido works, I'm not saying don't cross stuff over, but aikido on its own can still hold its own among other martial arts.

If you have that little faith in it then maybe you need a rethink about your choice.


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Aikido doesn't work? My Aikido works, what on earth are you practicing?!
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