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Re: techniquies in street fights

"Just a question. How many Aikido folks here practice Tantodori in Aikido where the attacker is allowed to attack with a knife in any way he wants and fully resist your technique with muscle power, positioning etc. and attempt to cut, strike, throw, pin or whatever else he can to you in order to protect himself and not let you get off a technique against his initial knife strike?"

Done this a few times, also practised with both of us armed with tanto and attempting to 'kill' each other. Great fun. I got 'cut' a lot trying to disarm uke in the first scenario, used lots of atemi, kicks, slaps, dirty tricks and I still would have probably bled to death in the end. Second scenario was very long and protracted and we had a stalemate really, we both 'killed' each other.

The way we generally use a knife in this way is by concealing it up the forearm and slashing with it ala special forces style. Its a very nasty attack to deal with. Training like this gave me my respect for bladed weapons...

Also, just a little thing Alex, everything I have read/seen/been taught about cutting with a sword states that the wrists cut, not the arms or shoulders as that encourages strength rather than technique. I use a shinken this way and it works fine, very quick and accurate cuts.

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