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Re: Poll: Should spirituality play a part in an aikido curriculum?

Guy Stevens wrote:
Spirituality is separate from religion, the spirituality of a dojo is not something that is preached, or attempts to convert someone to something, it permeates the place like the air, or the sounds of people training. The way that techniques are discussed, practiced, the way that new people are greeted and welcomed. It is apparent in the ways that we train with each other, a good indicator for me is a question; "Am I afraid in this place?"
I agree its a nice post, but i just don't buy it. It comes down to what 'spirituality' means, and to me you don't need the concept of spirituality to talk about this, its just the culture of the dojo.

For me, this is not spirituality, its just people.
"Are these good people? Do they treat each other kindly?" These are simple questions about human behaviour, you don't need the concept of spirituality to find the answers.


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