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Re: techniquies in street fights

Only outside the dojo.

This is true- it is all inside dojo wearing gi. No context- that is why fencing is still permitted to be taught outside, as to give the dueler the potential to experience outside of the piste.

Anyhow, moving back to this whole thing of techniques in street fights, which we all appear to have digressed onto knives.
the problem with street fights is that they occur suddenly and against two evenly matched opponents they can drag on. so in my mind, any form of throw that would put uke down and keep him down is good. Shihonage-fair enough (just a bit tricky) not so much shiho-osae as you don't have time to stand their pinning him to the floor. Iriminage- works a treat (know from experience) as long as they are committed.
Tenchinage--- (giggles with insane laughter)
Kotegaeshi, my personal favorite, but you have to be careful with emote. so many possibilities- however don't hand around for the police. All they will see is a person on the floor who will start howling in pain and the police will instantly arrest you and charge you with assault. Gotta love English law- when the perpetrator can legally act against the victim...

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