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Re: techniques in street fights

Larry Camejo wrote:
Lots of generalizations here on knife fighting I see.

Good for theory, not so good for practice.

Just a question. How many Aikido folks here practice Tantodori in Aikido where the attacker is allowed to attack with a knife in any way he wants and fully resist your technique with muscle power, positioning etc. and attempt to cut, strike, throw, pin or whatever else he can to you in order to protect himself and not let you get off a technique against his initial knife strike?

Just wondering.
Hmmm... I know! I know! But the name just escape me...

Could it be...

A) Larry
B) Larry Camejo
C) Larry C the Caribbean SHODO-THUG (TM)?

OK, I give up. People with knife confront me... I make sure I have a bigger knife than his, or some other weapon that is longer (a pole, an umbrella, a walking cane, etc) to keep his distance. Knife not touching skin = not effective knife. Going empty hand against knife, too risky , my medical insurance won't cover me.


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