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Re: techniquies in street fights

One thing I have been playing with is what I call "stop, drop, and roll". Just like the fire drill. Not proposing this a solution, just something to think about.

The assumption is that the worse case (and most probable) is that the attacker launches quickly, within range, and suprises you.

There is no time to prepare, no time to react. His attack goes off balanced and before you could possibly irimi. What do you do?

First thing is a natural reaction, the startle reflex. You throw your hands up in attempt to block or minimize damage. Think shomenuchi, but you are slightly off balance. Lets say you were somewhat sucessful in this block, he is now on his next stab/slash, where do you go?

You don't want to regain posture and balance cause you have no time to do so would cause you to get struck again, so you "drop" to regain balance. That removes you from that attack. You are now down low and he has to break his posture in order to go to the third attack. You've created space and re-centered yourself.

The next move is to roll back into posture, or to "come up in base" which will put you back in Kamae. You could also choose to remain on the ground and force him to break posture on his next attack then foot sweep him etc....but this is more a BJJ thing and most aikidoka are not skilled in this area, but it is valid and I personally feel more comfortable now there than coming back up right away.

Basically you could sweep or do a leg take down while down, take him down, then come back up in kamae, ready to deal with multiple attackers.

Just something to think about and play with.

Other than that, if you are dealing with a situation in which you have a good kamae, distance and a foretold attack, I have always been taught to concentrate on moving feet, irimi to minimize your body exposure, enter behind, kotegaeshi, or iriminage. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't think it do be realistic from the attacker standpoint in the real world when a bunch of crap is being thrown at you.
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