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Michael Neal
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Re: Aikido Works

Did you let your partner know in advance what YOUR objectives were BEFORE throwing them in ways they weren't used to?
It was mostly during freestlye practice before or after class but also invloved simple koshinage throws during Aikido pratice. One unfortunate incident I can remember was during in class koshinage practice, I threw a 4th kyu with koshinage (very carefully I might add) and they ended up breaking or spraining their wrist. I felt terrible but I did nothing wrong, they should have been able to take that fall.

Why would you be throwing a person with a judo throw in an aikido class *in regular training*, outside of randori?
Most Judo throws as far as I can tell are in Aikido as well, they just aren't practiced as much. Seionage is included in the koshinage repetoire as far as I know. It should not matter anyway when practicing with an Ikkyu, they should be able to take the fall, period. I did not all of the sudden start throwing people unexpectedly with Judo throws, it was only when people wanted to get rough and mix it up a little, they would put me in a headlock (a non Aikido technique) and i would respond with say, tai otoshi for example.

Judo has a 3 step practice, kuzushi, tsukuri, kake...why didn't you do the balance break and the fitting in without the throw to let people know about openings rather than throw people in ways they weren't compfortable with?
It wasn't just me doing Judo on them, I only did that with higher ranks, it was normal Aikido that was frustrating for the most part.
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