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Mike Sigman
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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
However, using your Olympic team example, The Chinese certainly could adopt different methodologies for training sprinters that may give them an edge up on the competition.
I agree. But I would suggest that it's a matter of additive factors. I.e., the basic conditioning aspects of the sprinting *must* still be there and perhaps, as in your suggestion, the Chinese have found something that augments the basic training. In other words, you cannot get around the necessity of the basic principles of sprinting; you cannot get around the necessity of the basic principles of "ki", either.
Could it also be that differences in martial arts methodologies may result in different levels or paradigms of understanding of the same universal principles?
I would say yes. Let's just imagine that there are several distinct components that are called "ki", in this discussion of ki as a body-skills phenomenon (this is true... there are some distinct components, but they're all wrapped into the umbrella-term "ki"). If someone know some of the components, but not all, they can enhance some aspects of body performance, but not all. If someone is more skilled in usage of "kokyu" than someone else, then they will have a different level with the basic priniciples, and so on. You're applying common sense and what you're saying is true.


Mike Sigman
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