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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido Works

Why would you want someone afraid to take such a throw to take one?

Did you let your partner know in advance what YOUR objectives were BEFORE throwing them in ways they weren't used to?

Why would you be throwing a person with a judo throw in an aikido class *in regular training*, outside of randori?

Judo has a 3 step practice, kuzushi, tsukuri, kake...why didn't you do the balance break and the fitting in without the throw to let people know about openings rather than throw people in ways they weren't compfortable with?

No offense, these are just some of the questions that came to mind when reading your last post. A lot of people wouldn't last very long in some judo classes...a lot of people wouldn't last very long in the shotokan dojo I trained in in what? That art isn't for them maybe...

Ron (not that I can't and don't sometimes feel your frustration)

Ron Tisdale
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