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I agree, but the problem I had was a handful of people that went completely counter to that and constantly whined when you tried to apply things aggressively, and they were not all from the 70% beginner pool as you mentioned above. For example: There was an Ikkyu who could not take a breakfall from seionage and another similar rank who constantly corrected me to apply my technique in an unrealistic manner. However, as I remember these students did tranfer from other schools and I will not blame their training in any way on ANV.

I know Jim was often amused and took interest whenever someone did something like a Judo throw or was aggressive in application, he never discouraged it so long (as you said above) it was done with control and good form. He was completely open minded in my view. He would laugh when two students would start wrestling on the mat before or after class. I have never blamed my outlook on Aikido on Jim or ANV in general, I believe the class was polluted by too many people who wanted to be comfortable when they practiced a martial art and did not want to push their limits, again not the fault of the instruction, Jim was always trying to break that attitude.

When I started Judo I came the realization quick that many of these people would not last very long in a Judo class and that Judo in general filtered out this kind of attitude because of the constant randori. There were and still are many great people at ANV but I felt unchallenged alot when practicing with the people who were not serious about their training.

I was also annoyed at having to always be super careful because some were afraid to take a breakfall from a simple shoulder or hip throw. The way I would remedy that is making the abilty to take a relatively hard breakfall from koshinage a requiremnt for promtion to 4th kyu or above. There is no excuse in my view to be 4th kyu or above and to be afraid of breakfalls.

But I loved ANV despite of those things, but unfortunately I think I probably have pissed off too many people there with my internet ramblings and it would be sort of akward to show up there.

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