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Re: Aikido Works

If I could pull them off in randori then I would be alot more confident in those skills. That is the point of randori, to build confidence in your techniques against non compliant people.[/QUOTE]

I know exactly how you feel. I think most aikidoka probably feel this way. Aikido is definitly a tricky bird to figure out!

Bob Galeone used to tell me that you weren't going to do a technique on someone that did not want you to do it. This happens alot in irimi nage with beginners. After they have you break their balance they will start trying to circumvent the technique by bending forward at the waist. It is frustrating if you have experience because you know that they set themselves up for all kinds of other nasty stuff that you are not allowed to do within the parameters of iriminage such as strikes to back of the head, kicks and shoves etc.

So I think you have to narrowly define "non compliant" somewhat, which Michael, I think you certainly understand. (not meaning to patronize you in anyway).

Maybe I am wrong, but if you emphasized "non-compliance" or "reality" or combat based in the art you just went from "DO" which is really about teaching the "way" to "SU" which is effectiveness. Therefore, you would have Aikijutsu.

I agree, there is certainly validity in both the DO and the SU. How you strike a balance in AIkido I do not know. For myself, I have sought out two avenues, one involving traditional aikido study, the other hardcore MMA training with my Army units.
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