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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

There are many things about learning Aikido that are truly useful. I won't get into any of the non martial of them (however there are lots and lots!) I will only discuss the martial. It is ineffective to talk about fighting from an unarmed stand point. If your life is really on the line (the only time you should consider fighting for real) you or your attacker are going to be armed, and likely both of you. This means that you or they will probably have a stick, or knife. No one uses swords anymore, is a pretty valid statement, however lots of people use baseball bats, or pool cues, or chair legs, etc etc, many of the techniques in Aiki sword work, and the techniques to deal with swords while empty handed translate perfectly to being attacked with these weapons. Aikido is a weapons system, and weapons are how mankind fight when they are not toying about. Other fights not involving weapons are generally not serious matters, they are some kind of ego contest, and show of male bravado. These things are best kept to a ring, where it's a nice safe environment to compete in such a manor. Real fighting involves getting something done: taking your money, taking your wife, taking your life. That is what real fighting is about, I'm always armed, I never fight.

-Chris Hein
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