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Re: Tantodori no different

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
For what it's worth: I agree with Alex.
Aikido is constructed to work against sword, knife and stuff in between. Do your aikido correctly, and the knife is dealt with.
With reservation for the same old probability law I have mentioned before.

It is interesting to notice that anyone who does not support this above strategy (or possibility) seems to say only: if you face a knife, you're done for.
That's no doubt the very worst strategy
Nobody on this thread has been saying that if you face a knife you're done for. Several people who do know what they are talking about have been saying respect the knife. Appreciate that it does change things.

Several people have said that you can deal with a knife as if it were an empty hand and that it wouldn't make any difference but psychological.

This is rubbish. The empty hand can't cut with a touch as light as a caress. The empty hand can't stab and leave a deep wound.

Anybody who is skilled with a knife can not only tell you why it would make a difference but show you too. To use empty hand technique against a knife is a last resort. (I believe that Mike has already made this point.)

It's all reminiscient of times that I've heard Aikidoka confidently say that they could deal with a skilled swordsman by taking their blade away etc. and not understand why anybody with a modicum of skill in that area listening starts to wet themselves laughing.

FMA practitioners practice a knife based art.

FMA practitioners tend towards the opinion that a knife changes things in an encounter in a very real sense.

Perhaps they know something that you don't.

Read very carefully. At no point has anyone said that when you see a knife, all is lost.

Respect the knife. If you don't it could be the last thing you don't do.

You say that Aikido can deal with "...sword, knife and stuff in between..."

In that case, when the art that was the base for Aikido was developed, why did people continue to make use of weapons if the only difference to any encounter was "psychological?"

Go to a FMA seminar. See what can be done with a knife.

See if you still think that a knife is just a psychological advantage.

Go to a Kendo dojo.

State confidently that your Aikido could deal with a sword and that you could have a shinai off them before being hit.

Try not to feel too silly as they start laughing at you.


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