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Re: Tantodori no different

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
It is interesting to notice that anyone who does not support this above strategy (or possibility) seems to say only: if you face a knife, you're done for.
That's no doubt the very worst strategy
I don't know about anyone else, but I have not been saying, "If you face a knife, you're done for," and I agree that's the worst strategy. I have been saying, "If you face a knife, you are in much worse trouble than if the person has an impact weapon, because it takes a lot less effort to maim or kill you with a knife." That is not the same as "done for;" just that you are in very serious trouble, and should respect the knife's capability to harm you. It is what my Kali teacher has been drumming into us lately, and what I am trying to get across here.
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