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Re: techniquies in street fights

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Oh a knifes deadly .....
So close! But then you wrote this:

..... imagine this. You're doing whatever when someone jumps out and threatens you with a wooden spoon or even has a damn good go at gutting you with it as if it were a knife. That'd also have a psychological impact, you'd be wetting yourself and wondering what this nutter was on, giving him an opening that he wouldn't otherwise have.
Same with a knife but obviously for the opposite reason.
Except that the wooden spoon couldn't cut me. If he whacked me in the chest with a spoon, I might get a nasty bruise; if he "whacked" me in the chest with a knife, I would be dead if it finds my heart.

You had it right in your first sentence: A knife is deadly. That doesn't mean you're done for. It doesn't mean you can't defend yourself. It does mean the situation is a lot worse for you than if he had an impact weapon like a club or a wooden spoon. This is why Guro Dan Inosanto -- who has probably forgot more than you or I or anyone else here will ever remember -- advises that empty hand defense against a knife is your last line of defense. Better bet is to throw something like a chair at him. The knife is just very, very dangerous.

Now, either Guro Dan is wrong, or you're wrong. My money's on the one who's the head of a Kali system.
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