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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Hi there! I feel everyone has done a great job answering your question so instead of breaking down your statements and concernes as previously done, let me say a word.

Basically this is a dilema between aikido and lets say, karate. You might ask yourself what are some differences whitout getting too technical. Lets explore that for a moment.

We will start with karate. Karate as we know is a form of self defense (I do not wish to refer to an MA as combat) that is stacatto in nature and classical in style. This hand to hand denfense is classical because it is probably one of the very first systems of defense. I find this method crude for several reasons. In karate, the strongest and fastest will always prevail. Also, anytime your center is unstable, it is too easy to take. What I mean is when karate guy throw you a kick and that foot comes off the ground, nothing more than a litle nudge will send him to the ground by way of several physical properties but the main thing is that your aiki skill is there to understand how to do this properly. In karate, the blocks and deflections are dated as well. when someone come in shomenuchi with a tanto and a karate person comes in with a high block, flesh will be severed in the forearm region (in theory).

Does this mean I feel karate is all together bad? Of course not. I would like to see small children start out in karate to learn there kicks and punches so they can already be a good uke. Granted they will have to unlearn what they have learned but I believe that for young kids, karate is a good place to start so that when they are ready for aikido, there will be something there to work with and they will gradually understand the diffrerence.

There are other MA like Jujitsu where grappling is key. I could go on and point some things out but others have probably already touched on this issue.

Aikido is more than a MA, it is a way of life. Aikido is something useable and practical even when you do reach geriatric years. This mean it is a life long art that is applicable. I cannot image me being able to do a spinning back kick at 95 but aiki principles are useable at any age. I find, me personally, aikido to be the most effective ideology. To each there own and whatever works for you but, aikido, again in my opinion, is 99% flawless only because it would be ridiculous to say 100% of anyting is unflawed.

In aikido, I can initiate a conflict as well as anyone else so saying that I have to wait upon the attacker is unfound. Also, aikido is spiritual in nature to bring you in harmony with nautre,yourself, the world, your surroundings, etc. and is good for your health and immunity. etc.

Yes, aikido takes time and patience and is a life long study and the results do not come quick like in karate but it is well worth the endeavor (I will not elaborate on why I feel karate is like going through a drive through). One could go on and on as to why aikido is worth the study. Good luck with the criticism and if you keep training, you will be in a better place than your foes.

I hopes this helps a little and does not offend karate advocates.

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