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Re: techniquies in street fights

Matt Molloy wrote:
Alex and Richard,
I'd advise you both to go chat with your sensei and see if he/she can make either of you see sense.
He'd tell me to get a tanto, then he'd do ikkyo, shi-ho nage, irmi-nage, utchi kaiten nage exactly the same way he would against Shomen, yokomen and tsuki, look at me as if I was mad and ask me what the difference was. Since he'd have done the technique the same way he always does I'd have to say "None Sensei".
Then he'd say something like "The weapon is only an extention of his body".

It happens everytime someone says "But what if he had a knife?".

My Ju-jitsu Sensei would have said something like "There are no techniques for stopping knives, just techniques for stopping people. You might be attacked so suddenly that you don't realise that you're dealing with a knife but you can always react to their movement in some way".

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