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Re: Aikido: Most Physically Involving?

If using sweat as indicator of intensity of workout... I guess my dojo's aikido is pretty high on the intensity rating.

How is it intense?

1) Ukemi. If you have studied physiology in college, you will appreciate how much work our body have to go through to maintain blood pressure equilibrium when you go from horizontal (lying on mat) to vertical (standing up waiting to be thrown down again).

2) Hajime training. This involves a non-stop round of exchanging throws and counter throws between two people on a preset technique. This will sometime go anywhere between 15 to 20 reps per technique before exchanging partner and performing a new technique.

3) Jiyu waza/Randori. This is the equivalent of free sparring in my dojo. The intensity is multiplied when it is multiple ukes scenario.
Again, such exercise involves a lot of ukemi and this is IMO the most tiring aspect of aikido. As for the shite, the constant moving around when confronted by multiple ukes tend to push Shiite's cardiovascular up.


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