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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

I had a kid ask me on his 2nd lesson about belts and gradings. His 2nd lesson!

His elder brother, who had watched one aikido lesson, and participated in one, had also done TKD up to green belt (whatever that means these days), could not even move for sh*t. And he wanted to know if we did kata, sparred or "self-defense"... tsk tsk.

Apparently, the fact that we did (or rather didn't, in his limited world view) and he could not see "how", was sufficiently enough to convince him that aikido was "useless". Apparently, he could not see why he needed to learn ukemi.

I later learnt that the word from their dad (who did karate), was that what "we do" was not "serious".
I haven't seen the kid turn up again in weeks. So I guess, we're just not "good enough". Ah well.

Perhaps if I had "beat them up and hurt them good" on their first lesson they would have been convinced of the "effectiveness" of aikido. Totally counter to the entire philosophy, but nonetheless a necessary "marketing evil".

I dunno.....I just dunno....

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