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Re: Poll: Should spirituality play a part in an aikido curriculum?

I believe that spirituality can be an important part of ones Aikido, but I do not believe that spirituality should be taught by the instructor. It is each persons responsibility to find their own "way" in Aikido. I believe that this way is also tied up in the Spiritual aspect. I come to Aikido to study Aikido not to get spiritual training. Being a Christian, their are things I believe spirituality that do not agree with Buddhism, Zen, or Hinduism. I don't push my religion on others in my classes and I do not appreciate these other religions being pushed on me.

No the philosophical aspect of Aikido is okay to discus. Harmony in life, peace, self sacrifice and the defeating of oneself is great discussion material for class, but pressing ones religious beliefs are not. Of Course this is my belief!
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