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Re: Aikido Works

I really think one of the only things separating Aikido from some other arts is the method of training.

Some of us novices tried to do randori a few months ago at an open Sunday class. It didn't turn out too well. I reverted to Judo, Wrestling and Jujutsu and did not do a very good job. Needless to say I got busted in the lip by a strike someone threw and there was blood everywhere.

As I told myself, I don't need to do randori at this stage because if thats all I did I wouldn't be learning how to do proper technique...I'd just be reinforcing my old ways that rely on too much power. That is why soft training is important for some people. Now for people with no other martial arts experience...I would say more randori may be better. My sensei was also very mad at us!
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