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Re: techniquies in street fights

Alex Lawrence wrote:
..... To me it sounds like your saying chudan tsuki is no problem but chudan tsuki with a knife will always get through and cut or stab.
No, I am saying that while an empty hand Chundan tsuki that gets through is a problem, a chudan tsuki with a knife is a bigger problem. The fist will stop at what it hits; the knife will go through it.

Well if I just stand there of course I'm dead. If I take your wrist and move away from the knife I'm safe, obviously with some kind of take down. The question is who has the fastest reflexes?
The person holding the knife only has to make a very small movement. That's the point. Not, "what if someone holds a knife against my carotid?" The point is it takes only a small movement to end your life. Not necessarily the case with a punch.

No it's the reality of the man holding the knife, if you change it for another knife he'll still be just as fast.
And again, the point is to demonstrate the amount of damage that can be done in a very short amount of time with a knife.

There have been surveys of cops who have survived knife attacks, and they say they didn't know the person had the knife until after they'd been stabbed. That give a clue to how fast it is?

Oh I don't equate them, I just say that most of the difference is inside the mind of the person facing the knife.
If by that you mean the person facing the knife weilding attacker shoudln't turn to jelly and be paralyzed in fear by the sight of the knife, I agree with you. In fact, I've said that many times already!

But if you are poo-pooing how deadly a knife can be, then you are flat out wrong. Sorry, you're wrong. Period.
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