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Re: Offensive - defensive

I thought I would get some objections

Gregory Makuch wrote:
Stefan, a little presumptuous to interpret O'Sensei's wishes. If you read "Budo" you will see Aikido has offensive techniques as well as defensive.
I said "My impression of Osensei is that he wanted to move away from that", by which I meant that he changed through time - and of course I meant it's my impression, only. I never even met Osensei, so how could I claim to know for sure? I don't.
Gregory Makuch wrote:
While I agree we all have our own interpretation of what Aikido is, to call one person's ideas not aikido (I know that wasn't your exact words, but that was the thought conveyed) because they don't agree with your own is wrong.
That was not the thought I wanted to convey. Sorry if I was unclear. I said: "But is that aikido? To me it is not." Also I began my post by saying: "Allow me to express a personal opinion." I thought that would make it obvious I was only stating my own credo.
Gregory Makuch wrote:
However you truly can't be a pacifist until you have the ability to destroy and choose not to.
Here, I agree with you. I would not say that it is absolutely necessary to be able to destroy, to be a pacifist - but without the ability, it might not be a pacifism of choice but of necessity.

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