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Thanks for the imput Richard. I agree with your philosophy, but the application may not apply to this person. She is a Yondan in a more "structured" kata driven karate style. She often says she has grey hair because of past testing. Think of it this way; she has been a student of mine for almost 3 years. She attends very regularly. (She is so respectful that she gives me her calendar in advance so I don't wonder where she is, if she isn't in class.) And she just earned her yonkyu. I have no doubts about her abilities (she would pretty much destroy an attacker). That is why she loves Aikido--she doesn't want to seriously injure someone. And she is just learning how to relax and blend, instead of tense and smash. And Oh yes she is a perfectionist. (I think that may be part of the problem--she wants everything structured but Aikido waza tends to vary everytime you do a technique with adifferent uke.) And she is very hard on herself.
Very good assumption!!

We too use the hour tracking system (remember that Sosa Sensei was a senior instructor for Seidokan for a long time)

Do you have any ideas how to make her less of a perfectionist? Or would I even want to?

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