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Offensive - defensive

Allow me to express a personal opinion, almost an aikido credo.
Nick Simpson wrote:
My Aikido is aggressive, I like to practise it in a martial spirit. I like to initiate techniques myself. For instance, tori punches uke, uke blocks the strike, tori performs ikkyo on the blocking arm.
But is that aikido? To me it is not.
My impression of Osensei is that he wanted to move away from that, and I am sure that I would not be doing aikido for as long as I have, if I felt that it had to be aggressive.

Sure, there is an element in aikido of "triggering" the attack, by an open stance, by a certain movement, and so on. But if tori commences with attacking uke, then I would insist that the aikido idea/ideal is deserted.

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