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Re: techniquies in street fights

Richard, your post above is so childish I shouldnt even really bother responding but someone has to do it. Hitting someone while they are busy 'intimidating' you doesnt require jedi-like powers of the force or whatever your talking about. It is about making an informed decision and acting on it:

E.g. "This person is probably going to hit me, I dont like them pushing me in the chest or the way they are shouting at me. I think I'll have to hit them before they work up the nerve to hit me."

The rest of your post I strongly disagree with too.

The Aikido I practise is not purely defensive. I am not part of the UKA and have never trained with Saito Sensei. My Aikido is aggressive, I like to practise it in a martial spirit. I like to initiate techniques myself. For instance, tori punches uke, uke blocks the strike, tori performs ikkyo on the blocking arm. This is just a very small part of it.

" Aikidoka can counter and throw/ lock- but they must fight to the enemies pace and game. "

Thats b*llocks. I dont think I need to waste my time explaining why.

How long have you been training Richard? Have you been in or even seen a fight?

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