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Re: techniquies in street fights

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Umm it's an excercise to show that if you control their wrist they'll have a hard time using the knife.
Ahem. Grabbing the wrist doesn't automatically lead to controlling the wrist.

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Don't worry though I'll explain the whole wrist taking thing and place it in context.
Thank you. So kind.

Alex Lawrence wrote:
You grab the wrist to take the knife out of the equation and to take his attention. Now obviously you don't then stand there waiting to be floored like an uke blah....blah.... yadda..yadda....what I'd do in this situation.....and then I woke you're attacking, so clear any thoughts you may have of seeing it coming. The whole thing takes about 0.75 seconds.
Wow. Just like that?

I had no idea.

0.75 seconds.


I assume that they are just letting you do this?

Because if they aren't, you could well be in trouble.

Alex Lawrence wrote:
That's why wrist grabs are always taught as being purely training. In our dojo a grab is explained as a simulated punch.
Strange. Everywhere I've ever trained, if we wanted to train against a punch, we got somebody to try and punch us. Wild but true.

Alex Lawrence wrote:
In real life by the time you realise your wrist's been grabbed you've been punched twice.
But what happened to your quick reactions? Or are you assuming that you're the only one who has them?

What if..*gulp*...They have them too?

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Remember I'm basing all this on the way I was taught to use a knife which is basically sumerised by either my dreams I'm the only winner...yadda...blah..blah.....eck etc.
Appart from all your take downs from behind obviously. Although obviously not in Aikido where we only do all your basic attacks but with a knife.

Never mind.

Where to start with this mess?

One of the reasons for wrist grabs in Aikido is that the systems of Ju-Jutsu that eventually became modern Aikido were developed by people who would be armed and would possibly have other people trying to neutralize those arms by employing the wrist grab.

"But who on earth would try and stop someone with a tanto by grabbing their wrist?" I hear you cry.

Mr Lawrence?

As other people have so eloquently pointed out, in the case of somebody who knows what they are doing with a knife, they would have used it before you were aware that it was there.

The idea that you would be the hero of some kind of gladiatorial battle in an urban/street setting against some stereotypical "street punk" a la (gods and Jun forgive me for saying his name on Aikiweb) Steven Seagal belongs in the movies and should stay there.

Your posts on this matter started out as arrogant and a little naive, they've become a little bit patronising and daft.

My advice?

Firstly, go to your sensei, tell them that you could stop them using a training tanto by dint of your super reflexes and tactics (which include the idea of immobilising an Aikido sensei by grabbing his/her wrist ) and, when they've wiped the tears of laughter from their eyes see if they'll let you try.

When you've picked yourself up from the dojo floor a couple of times, see if you still think your ideas would work.

Secondly, find a FMA group and see what people who train in a knife based system can really do.

Thirdly, be so good as to let us know if these experiences change your point of view.


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