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Dominic Toupin
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Re: Nice Video about Yoseikan

Craig Hocker wrote:
Looks more like what the American karate studios in town are doing than anything related to Aikido.
If you look in the video, just after the first shot of bokken vs bokken, you see a very nice kote gaeshi. They're a lot of sutemi waza and that very nice mukae daoshi almost like that technique that Steven Seagal did in the beginning of Nico (Irimi Nage ?) Sorry I'm not familiar with the Aikikai name of the technique

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Never seen MMA type Cage fight myself... not available in my country... are MMA type matches also like this?
This type of randori shiai with gloves and foam helmet are like MMA but with rules and protective gears

Mark Johnston wrote:
I think having to wear gloves in the sparring will limit the availability of a lot of normal aikido waza.
There is a lot of sutemi technique that you can do with the gloves, a lot of judo throws, some technique with leg grabbing also...

Christiaan Oyens wrote:
With all due respect not my cup tea at all. Too much grappling and punching. I also don't understand why anyone would want to make anything related to Aikido competitive, wasn't O Sensei clear enough on that matter?
With all due respect, competition is seen in Yoseikan more like a challenge for the competitor. It's done with respect and humility. It's a very effective goal for the young practitioner. In Yoseikan there is always a place for the martial way and also the competitive way. We train in both...

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