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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

He may have acquired additive information in China....
For argument's sake, let's suppose he did, or he observed something whilst he was there, that opened a window for him? We must then also assume that the basic information was already available to him, via Daito-ryu. Perhaps our fellow Daito-ryu practitioners here can pitch in? Are there specific exercises in Daito that focus specifically on ki and kokyu development?

So once Tohei got his knowledge, he would have been able to see how it was the same thing that Ueshiba used and he would have been able to easily extrapolate *some* of the things...
How does this explain Shioda's abilities? Shioda must have been shown the same, if not similar, things.

It's impossible to get much of this just by "hard practice"... someone has to teach you too many of things.
I agree. Or they have to at least show you, and open certain doors at your level of experience.

Out of curiousity, how much of the imagery used in the dokas is easily attributable to Omoto-kyo cosmology?

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