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Re: techniquies in street fights

Michael Gallagher wrote:
It's not a question of anything, Alex -- it's to illustrate that it takes a lot less physical effort to kill someone with a knife than with a stick or the empty hand.
No doubt, but you have to get the knife to your opponents body, in the same way that if you want to punch them you have to get your fist to their body and anything which crosses the space between combatants can be blocked or deflected. To me it sounds like your saying chudan tsuki is no problem but chudan tsuki with a knife will always get through and cut or stab.

Michael Gallagher wrote:
But if I have the blade of my knife against your carotid artery, all I have to do is pull my arm back and that's the end of Alex. Even if you manage to hook me in the head, if I sever your carotid, I'm only dead if you hit me really hard; otherwise, you die first. That's all there is to it. No magic, no ki, just a cold hard reality you stubbornly don't want to accept.
Well if I just stand there of course I'm dead. If I take your wrist and move away from the knife I'm safe, obviously with some kind of take down. The question is who has the fastest reflexes?

Michael Gallagher wrote:
And it can happen very quickly. My Kali instructors like to repeat the story of a little old Filipino man who was found in a park surrounded by some young toughs who'd been cut up really badly. They thought he was covering for someone else when he claimed he disarmed one of the punks and defended himself.

The little old man had a Filipino lawyer, who set up a punching bag in the court room, gave the little old man a knife, and timed in. In one minute, that little old man cut the bag 360 times -- he was making all these quick little cuts.

That's not magic or mystical powers -- it's the reality of the knife.
No it's the reality of the man holding the knife, if you change it for another knife he'll still be just as fast.

Michael Gallagher wrote:
And that is why I say you are out of your mind when you equate a knife with the empty hand.
Oh I don't equate them, I just say that most of the difference is inside the mind of the person facing the knife.
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