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Re: Ni-Ju-Ni Jo Kata

Si Wilson wrote:
22 & 31 are different movements, no matter how you count. Anyone got 22 Jo Kata instructions and/or videos?
well that's your opinion, but as I recall you said you do not know the 22 count. I did say the movements vary. The structure is quite similar and clearly similar to someone who has done both of them.

for instruction:

go to the products section on this website and select the Video DVD, this has Jo Gi Dai Ichi on it which is the 22 Jo Kata.
Maui Ki Society

or go here, the Taigi Vol. 3 has the 22 Jo Kata you want,
Kashiwaya Instruction video
This is VHS videotape, but hopefully soon it will all be on a DVD.

You can find a 9th dan demonstrating it at Ki Society HQ here at a German website.
online taigi videos
select Taigi 27 - Jo 1

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