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Eek! grading on tues

hi, doing my grading on tues (hopefully) or tue thur because i have got a lot of disabilities which make me tired and also have bad knees last grading i did knees where alright until i got on the mat doing the warm ups and heard my knees go.sensei shouted my name i shouted hai then ran to front of the mat halfway through knees went carried on all the way through but passed don't know how tho.i am not going to walk or do anything tomorrow to rest my legs and get my energy up for tues my knees are hurting now do you think resting a day before hand will help? and i am not panicking as much as i did on my 6th and 5th kyu but will be on tue as soon as i get to the dojo how do you relax before your grading so you don't panic when you get there please help : :
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