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Re: techniquies in street fights

Of course your objective is to always win. you go in knowing your are going to win. You never fight a battle unless you are going to win. But win you enter that battle you don't consider winning or do so slows you down and you will surely lose.

This is a timeless principle that is still relevant today.

Didn't explain myself very well. If an attacker shows you his weapon, he is using it as a position of power to coerce you into doing something. His main intent at that point is not to kill, but to coerce you or to protect himself. Assuming he pulled it on you, then he wants something from you, either something you have, a path to what you are blocking, or to satisfiy his ego of power he holds over you.

Your best bet is to quickly figure out what it is that is motivating him and give it to him, unless that includes your life. You've watched too many movies if you think the guy will jump out of a dark alley in front of you and demand your wallet. He will wait until you pass and grab you from behind, that is, unless he too has watched too many movies and is irrational.

I think there are many, many options you have if he jumps in front of you including running the opposite way, finding a block such as a trash can, yelling, talking, giving him your wallet whatever.

If he gets you from behind, well it's probably 50/50. If he hasn't shanked you in the kidney already chances are he just wants something and won't kill you. so complying will probably be best. not to say that he won't, but frankly I am going to probably listen and do what he says instead of posing a threat in a situation in which he clearly has the advantage. You screwed yourself by not paying attention to your surroundings and space and timing so probably not much you can do at this point except pray for mercy.
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