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Dear Kevin,

It is clear that you have the military perspective

I believe that the "civil" situations can differ slightly. A knife is often not concealed at all, but flashed around to intimidate victims.
Not that it makes much difference for the conclusions you draw.

I do agree with you that an attacker should be regarded as armed, so proper evasive moves should be made - also in something as seemingly mild as a katatedori attack.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Musashi is good, certainly you need to enter a fight in the proper frame of mind with no thought to winning or losing (mushin).
Mushin, empty mind, was certainly an ideal for the samurai philosophers, but it is my impression that Musashi differed from them on that issue, as well as on many other issues.
He states clearly and repeatedly in his book that he goes into the battle to win it, with whatever means. That's his objective, and I would say that he lets it fill his mind.
Well, that's my interpretation of his principles. As usual: I might be wrong

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