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Matt Molloy
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Re: techniquies in street fights

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Simple experiement, give a tanto to someone in the dojo, take them by the wrist holding the tanto and tell them to stab you. While they're doing this imagine how many times you could have punched them in the throat, or choaked them. Who do you think would have died first?

So I say again. A knife is mostly psychological.
So far just I'd just agree with what Michael and Larry have said in response but this stuck out a little from everything else you'd said.

What you've just advocated here is to walk into an Aikido dojo and, after giving somebody a tanto, grabbing them by the wrist.

Let's look at that again shall we?



Grab them by the wrist.????


What attack do we most train against in Aikido?

Hmmm. Could it be a wrist grab by any chance?

So, after they've applied the technique of their choice to your rather unfortunate person, they would then be in a position to insert said tanto in the area of their choice.

Better hope they're in a good mood eh?

At first you came across as knowing little about knife combat. Now you're coming across as knowing little about Aikido too.

Oh dear.

With regard to a knife being mostly psychological, as Larry pointed out, with someone who knows what they're doing you won't even know they have a knife until it's too late.

A knife is a tool. Like all tools it is designed to make certain things easier. Certain nasty people use them to make violent encounters easier for themselves. There is a reason for that.

Nobody is advocating an "Oh My God!" freeze response. They're advocating a respect for the situation and that you increase your knowledge and understanding.

I'm glad that you've been lucky so far in your encounters. I hope that you have no need of that luck in the future but that if you do, it will still be there for you.


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