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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

Thanks for the kind words.

My parents were Catholic..... what can I say?

I used to spend a lot of time trying to glean information from the various abstract "poems" (there are so many of them), but it always turns out that the poems are more to help you remember or to show the author has knowledge, than to teach you how to do anything
Unfortunately, that is how the old "inscrutable orientals" operated - they point at and talk around things, rather than speak to it directly. It is a (time honoured) way in which to communicate shared understanding, through deliberately vague analogy. Much like a secret codeword within a select circle. Unless you know the secret "codeword", the words, although in plain view, will mean nothing to you.

So something like "Mixing the essence of heaven and earth in man" would only mean something to someone who was also in the know, and since it doesn't say how, one can only presume that they were also privy to the same knowledge, either by being shown or having arrived at it independently.

So the question remains, *where* and *when* did Ueshiba obtain this knowlege and from *whom*? Was it on one of his sojurns to China/Mongolia, which was (deliberately?) omitted from his books?

And if Tohei did not put much faith in the old man's words (as in its literal meaning), how did he then arrive at the same conclusion? And how did he know how to utilize that knowledge?

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