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Re: techniquies in street fights

Alex Lawrence wrote:
What has someones skill with a knife got to do with the knife? .....
Do one minute of kife sparring with one of them, you will know.

Is his ki stored in the knife or something? Either that or Kail people must be the best boxers in the world because something in their movements is so superior to everything everyone else is doing that they will always hit ....
I am a Kali person, and you are missing the point altogether. And, if I may say, being a little offensive.

Actually your reaction (OMG there's a knife, I've lost) proves my point ....
If you'd bother to reread what I actually posted, I acutally counseled against that "OMG!" reaction. No one is talking about being paralyzed by fear of it. We are talking about respecting it for a simple reason: It can kill you a lot easier than an impcat weapon can. That is not hysteria or paranoia, that is fact. Period. You have a good point about dealing with the person attached to it. But if you do not respect, it, you are asking for trouble. You haven't got into it so far. Good for you. But you are wrong not to respect (not fear, resepect) what a knife can do to you.
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