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Michael Neal wrote:
unfortunately, according to George Lucas I have gone to the dark side since I support George W. Bush, so I am now Darth Michael, all hope is lost.

I voted for GW too, this time, but when I saw the article on that in USA Today and I almost went through the roof. The same liberals who may be praising Mr. Lucas for taking a stand against the Iraq war were blasting him for being a "racist" in Episode 1. (No such comments about Ep 2 -- I guess they were in a bit of a slump.) Never mind the fact that he drew up the general outline for Darth Vader's backstory something like 25 years ago. At least. Osama, GW, and Saddamm Hussein were not even on the map then.

I feel like the stereotypical parent who says, "You are going to enjoy yourself if I have to break every bone in your body:" Go, watch them movie, enjoy for what it is -- a great adventure that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Let Michael Moore cover the politics; go to Star Wars for fun.

Or Else.

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