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Re: techniquies in street fights

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Knives are pretty much a psychological thing. If you deal with them as an empty hand attack there isn't much problem with them.
Alex, in spite of all our debates, I've never met you, probably never will, and know nothing about you. If you've been in situations where someone has pulled a knife on you and your persepctive after surviving those encounters is as stated above, cool.

But a knife is a world apart from an impact weapon -- including a fist -- in how lethal it can be. All by itself, it is the equivelant of ten years of martial arts training. You shouldn't be paralyzed in fear by it, but you should respect it because it can kill you very easily. So if you've survived knife attacks, great. But if you haven't and you're just assuming it's no different from a fist or a foot, then with all due respect, you are out of your cotton pickin' mind.
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