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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
My pleasure, Ignatius, if it helps. It was a great irritation to me to spend so many years frustrated by not finding anyone with substantive information and at the time I promised myself that if I were the one with information worth sharing, I'd do so. Besides, I've gained some information on this forum that has been quite enlightening and it's only fair to go tit for tat.


Mike Sigman
Being of Chinese background, I understand your frustration, and can understand where you are coming from, and the obstacles you would have had to encounter in dealing with the Asian mentality and attitudes to westerners (and even towards other races within Asia itself).

So it may or may not surprise you, if I say, that what you write about understanding "idiomatic" phraseology and "cultural context" and "abtruse, flowery descriptions", that it actually means something to me!

So, yes, it helps, if we all continue to share in the same spirit, although I do not know enough at this stage to be able to share anything worthwhile.

Thank you once again.

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