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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

Hi Mike,

I'd take this to a PM but it belongs here because it is an example of what I stated early on in this thread - that a basic element of aikido is not intimidating anyone else and not being intimidated by anyone else.

So, I'll bite... The something special I'm studying with Saotome sensei and Ikeda sensei is called "aikido.". After seminars, whenever I get a chance to discuss anything of interest on that special subject with either of those men, I try to take it. I've done so in front of several witnesses. Sometimes I get surface level answers, sometime I get really great answers, and sometimes I get answers that I really need to think about and work on. Ask a more specific question and I'm certain I can provide examples in detail. I'm not really sure where you were going with that in the first place.

If you really feel that this statement "How about you try not demanding we all agree with you, and attacking anyone who dares disagree - and I'll stop daring to disagree" is an overstatement, then fine, I'm sorry. I should have written "How about you try not demanding we all agree with you, BY attacking anyone who dares disagree - and I'll stop daring to disagree". I'm sorry for my carelessness. Now about your contention with the "all" part; well, I'll take that back the moment you provide the number of any post in a thread where ANYONE disagreed with you and you acknowledged it as a fair point. I can find several where I have done so. I assume someone who is not "self-absorbed" can do the same.

The way I see it, the fact that neither of us are the moderator means that both of our presented opinions are open to discussion and argument. You do get to misrepresent what people say, trivialize other people's points to the cows come home, and you get to project all of your nonsense onto others here and I agree it's not up to me to stop you. It's just that I get to disagree with you and highlight that's what it looks like you are doing and _the funny thing is_ you can put a stop to that. If you catch me stating an opinion as fact, or assuming the conclusion and then concluding the assumption, or doing anything else inappropriate that I think you do please by all means feel free to bring it up. I'm really okay with it. The bottom line is that we all get to disagree with each other's logic and tactics. (For instance, I disagree with some of the things you misrepresented about me being an expert who gets paid for teaching aikido and equates aikido to Zen or some such nonsense.) I'll continue to do by best to keep my disagreements on topic. So my take is that if you think I ruined 3 threads, consider that I think I contributed to them, and maybe I only ruined them for _you_ - but then you would have to consider that you are self-absorbed and just projecting.

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