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Jeremy Young
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Re: Breathing & Balance

i know this has more to do with breathing and applying technique...but one thing i thought i would mention because maybe it will help those out that are trying to learn to take ukemi. I remember for some time when i began training how much being 'uke' would hurt...mostly from me being so stiff. as most people know (or at least from what i have experienced) it takes some time for people to give good attacks and still "relax" enough to be a good uke. anyways, after some time i seemed to be getting better at taking the falls and even my technique was improving...but as soon as i was in the air, i was stiff like a board! finally, my instructor realized one big problem...i was breathing in when the were applying the technique to throw...maybe the same sudden breath in like when you are getting ready to wreck your car! jajaja So instead of thinking about what the other guy was doing i just thought to myself to breath out! and that made taking ukemi soooooo much better. anyways, i know that was a little off the point but maybe that little experience with breath and taking ukemi will help someone. thanks
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