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Re: Breathing & Balance

Is that a suggestion to smoke, or something? One little visualization I've heard, and am experimenting with currently is the idea of inhaling at the outset of Uke's attack, finishing the inhale just as full contact or blending has occured. Exhalation either helps to precipitate the technique, or the initialization of technique precipitates exhalation.

Another description is that the inhale creates a vacuum (as far as a sense of flow is concerned), the attack is funneled or pulled into this vacuum, and exhalation accompanies Nage's resolution of the interaction initiated by Uke. Don't try to get all your breath out in some arbitrary time frame. If you still have the breath, let it dictate the technique. When I was younger the height of my bicycle seat said a lot about the way I was going to fall off my bike when I crashed. I couldn't shorten it mid-wipeout. I had to grow into and understand what I had.

Sometimes the less you think about something the easier it is to do. Adding consciousness of your breathing might be what lends the mind reason to not fixate on what a lot of us force as voluntary movement. In yet other words, when we have too much on our plate, either we mess it up, or something covers for us, that something being our underappreciated reflexes.

Happy Friday folks


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