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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

What O-sensei knew is an unknown. As a matter of fact, when he was on his death bed he was telling people that he still had more to learn about ikkyo. So, I'm feeling confident about my position on the subject and my students are well aware that I'm a student teacher. I have more than enough to help the new ones get started and they are all welcome and encouraged to go out and find better help.

I suppose I could go around claiming I understand what O-sensei knew about aikido, but that would be arrogant, and a bit silly. Maybe if I studied more tai chi... But then, I could never be certain that what I knew was really to the same depth or even in the same context that he knew it. Maybe I would only know how to really move well when I'm standing in one spot and couldn't handle multiple attacks like he could - just for a possible example.

I agree that it _would_ also be wrong for me to claim that discussing Zen is the same thing as discussing Aikido, but I didn't do that. I discussed rediscovering a complex thing which was brought up on this thread.

Mike, I saw your resistance to the "the aikido nikkyo" on your tape. Maybe I misheard you on the tape. Who was the bona fide that taught you that was "_the_ aikido nikkyo"? I have great reservations about your understanding of aikido based on your tape and/or your wording. As I recall the guy trying was "a very good shodan" and well I have third kyus who can resist _the_ nikyo crush from very good shodans.

But I don't mean to argue, just to discuss.

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