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Re: techniquies in street fights

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Except that in our society, there are legal restrictions on how much force a private citizen can use to defend himself or herself. Which is probably why one of my instructors has always said that your goals in self defense are survival and escape. Note that leaving the other person lying on the street in a pool of their own blood is not on the list.
Almost every state (any lawyers feel free to chime in) has deadly force laws that allow the use of deadly force to prevent death or serious bodily harm or to stop a violent felony such as kidnapping, rape, etc. Under such laws, you are permitted to kill someone. Now I'm not advocating using violence as your first choice, what I am advocating is being mentally prepared. All the training in the world won't do you any good if you are not mentally prepared to use it on another human being. It is easy to apply shihonage in training, it is another thing to apply it to an attacker and break their shoulder and elbow.

Now most states will allow you to use escalting force to protect yourself. Obviously you can't kill the drunk in a bar because he swings at you, but a technique to avoid or immobilize is fully justified.

My point was the combat is much more mind than technique so it is imperative you train your mind for the reality of the situation.

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