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Mike Sigman
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Re: Basic elements of Aikido

Rob Liberti wrote:
I guess I don't understand why you think that Zen is a complex enough subject in comparison, or why you don't think it was rediscovered.
Rob, in case you misunderstand me, you're using "Zen" as a strawman and I see no reason to bite. You're not an expert in Zen and I'm not. Your assertion that it was not transmitted (while not being able to meaningfully discuss either Zen or this portion of Aikido meaningfully) would be a great topic on a Zen discussion list, but Zen is not a physical and mental regimen that produces, power, etc., so I'll leave it to you. If you want to discuss the subject and argue your points without grasping at analogies, please do so. Discuss how Ki and Kokyu MUST be able to be rediscovered and say why, if that is your contention. I've already told you my position and my reasons AND I have accurately described basic methods that apply to these trainings. See if you can debate the issues and your contentions within the issue itself and let's see how the discussion goes.

Mike Sigman
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