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Mike Sigman
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Re: The tower of Babel

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
I believe that there is a slight misunderstanding. In the reply of mine you quote, I discuss not only your views, but those of others as well. You seem to think that all I said was in regard to your posting on the subject.
I am sorry for being so unclear.
Not at all, Stefan. Perhaps the misunderstanding was mine.
Well, we are talking about religion, or at least metaphysical concepts - among other things. At least I am, and I believe them to be comparable to esoteric aikido theory, to some extent.
I am talking about the physical art of Aikido. The "esoteric", as shown by some recent posts, tends to be often a matter of interpretation and I doubt we can resolve any subjective issues meaningfully.
That's one kind of understanding. There are other kinds. For example, there are people who can do, but cannot explain at all. And there are those who understand the theory, but still need practice to accomplish it. I guess it's a question of how the word "understanding" is defined.
Well, it's a simple disagreement between us, then. My position is that if someone really understands something, they can do it to some appreciable degree. The rest is mere speculation, IMO, but opinions vary.
I dare say that in the field of sinology, he is still highly respected - also in China. No "average joe, at best". Well, have a look:
I don't question that he was a noted Sinologist, but it appears he was mainly a linguist, which is not the complete spectrum of Sinology. Since this tangent needlessly deviates from the thread without resolving anything, I'll let it go, if you don't mind.
Mike Sigman wrote:
To me, an admitted literalist in many things, your last sentence tells me that you don't believe there is a certain way to repair an automobile engine or to solve a mathematical equation because there is no such thing as a wrong way to do those things.
I talk about culture, not natural science. Art and not technology. Belief and not proven fact.
Ah, but my position and the position of many well-known Asian experts nowadays is that ki and kokyu are well within the domain of natural science, Stefan.
re: Relativism wrote:
Well, I have practiced for many shihan, and what they do certainly seems flawless - but they're all different. Clearly, there are many ways to do ikkyo and shihonage and the rest. What is "right" and what is "wrong" in aikido? Big question.
I think that the answer is something like: When you do in your aikido accomplish what you set out to do with it, then it's right. But it probabaly still needs improvement
Some people do aikido for self defense, so it should "work on the streets", some do it for relaxation, so they should be relaxed after it, some do it like purification or healing, so they should feel purified and healed, some do it like dancing, so they should enjoy the tango - and so on.
Right or wrong in aikido? They do exist, but they are countless.
In that case, it was pointless for O-Sensei to ever correct anyone.... or even teach anyone.


Mike Sigman
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