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Ron Tisdale
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Re: techniquies in street fights

It's cool, lots of people are still asking this question after years and years of training. My recommendation is to go somewhere where they actually hit each other, not a school where they pretend to hit each other,
This is interesting...I have bruises on my fore arms today from practicing strikes and blocks for half an hour so that the 4th dan teaching last night could be sure we were really attacking before moving on to technique. We used front strike, side strike, and thrust punch. While these are the typical aikido attacks (they are not jabs, crosses, etc from boxing), we really do strike, and if someone doesn't block move and atemi, they can and do get popped. One brown belt (who's testing on sunday for shodan) is particularly glad my control is still up to par...he'd have a broken nose if it wasn't.

I'm getting tired of listening to people who don't train seriously in aikido put it down...if you didn't or don't do these things where you trained/train, fine. Don't extend your practice to the rest of us. People cross train for all kinds of reasons...but we've found the paradigm in our aikido training to work fine for what we expect of it. Doesn't mean it couldn't be broader or different in some way...but it does seem to work for what we want. If you want to do MMA fine...just do it. And if you want to do aikido in addition, that's fine too.


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